"Warm, raw and powerful, Jane Darke's film about the decline of her late husband Nick is one of the most moving documentaries you're likely to see this year... A perfect articulation of, in Jane's words, 'how to manage love and the loss of it'. Don't miss."
- Pick of the Day, Time Out

"Filmed by Jane Darke, it began as a record of her husband Nick's recovery from a stroke. A playwright and enthusiastic seaman with a keen eye for the habits of lobsters, Nick is a a persistently warm, optimistic and jocular presence - and his subsequent diagnosis with cancer does little to dent this, nor his ambition to pass on his ideas and attitudes to his son. The film deals with Nick's recovery, death and the family's grieving process. It's a natural and hugely moving piece, and deserves a wider audience."
- Daily Mail

"Thank you to Jane Darke for such an amazing, moving and courageous film, which made me laugh and cry in equal measure. I lost my father (also a writer) to cancer 15 years ago. He loved Cornwall, and the three grandchildren that he never met have spent the happiest moments of their lives on Cornish beaches. It was a beautiful, cathartic and thought-provoking piece, and a testimony to a clearly remarkable person."
- Jenny Hambelton, Portobello, Edinburgh

"The Art of Catching Lobsters... was without artifice, confronting raw emotion at its cutting edge, a film no one would want to make but which touches us all and will stay in the mind long after more conscious creations have been forgotten."
- Western Morning News

"An extraordinary and deeply poignant film directed by Jane Darke."
- Cornish Guardian

"Through love, humour, suffering and death, the film is an honest account of how a wife copes with the loss of a husband, life partner and lover."
- Western Morning News